Reliance Standard Claims

Before now, you might have given little thought to the long-term disability coverage provided by Reliance Standard through your employer — and just how difficult it could be to get benefits in the event you needed them.

However, now that your illness or injury has left you unable to work and you do need those benefits, you can’t afford to fall victim to any of the mistakes that could result in a denied claim and the resulting financial hardship for you and your family. I have more than 35 years of experience helping people in Florida with benefits claims, including claims through Reliance Standard and the country’s other largest long-term disability benefits providers. Whether you’re just getting started with your claim or need help responding to a claim denial, I can take the lead in handling your Reliance Standard claim and let you and your family focus on the other parts of your lives.

Getting A Claim Approved Can Be Harder Than It Looks. My Firm Is Here To Make Things Easier.

Companies like Reliance Standard are so profitable partly because they don’t simply approve every disability claim that’s filed. After all, as a business, they have a duty to look out for their bottom line — which means frequently making difficult (and sometimes downright unfair) decisions on perfectly legitimate claims.

This means that even the slightest omission or mistake on an application can delay benefits or result in an outright denial. When you have a seasoned long-term disability lawyer review and manage your application, you ensure that your claim is free of these types of mistakes that too often spell doom.

My priority in every case is to get my clients’ benefits approved on the first try. At the same time, my experience as an attorney extends to appealing denied claims for clients who first tried to navigate Reliance Standard’s bureaucracy by themselves. If you are in this situation, I will evaluate your options for appealing and help you get the financial benefits you and your family need.

If you’ve tried handling your case yourself and have exhausted all administrative options, your only recourse may be to file a federal lawsuit. I can represent you in this critical part of the process.

Don’t Risk A Denied Or Rejected Claim. Contact My Firm Now.

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