Medical, Dental And Home (Property) Insurance Claims

You take out insurance policies and pay your premiums in order to have a sense of security. You want to know that if something unexpected happens, you will be protected. But what do you do when your insurance company does not provide you with the protection you deserve? What recourse do you have when you are not protected from a loss that your policy should have protected you from?

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North Florida Denied Health Insurance Claim Attorney

Health insurance companies, like any other, are in business to make money. Naturally, the more claims they can deny, the better their own financial bottom line. Health insurance policies can be deliberately complicated and are often designed to protect the insurance company more than the policyholder.

If you are recovering from an accident, injury, illness or surgery, your focus needs to be on physical recovery, not legal and financial worries. I represent individuals in the Gainesville, Florida, area who are in disputes with their insurance company. I go the extra mile to build a case that will protect my clients’ rights and obtain the maximum amount of recovery possible for their loss.

When Disaster Strikes, Know Your Rights

Homeowner insurance policies generally provide coverage for wind damage, water damage and personal property. When disaster strikes, insurance companies may undervalue the damage to your property or deny your claim entirely, thereby saving themselves a lot of money. Many homeowners do not challenge their insurance company’s decision because they simply don’t know their rights.

If you have made a property insurance claim and feel you are being treated unfairly, work with an attorney who can make sure your rights are protected. I know the intricacies of the system, and I have the expertise to stand up to insurance companies that are trying to get away with paying you less than you are entitled to.

Gainesville Property and Health Insurance Attorney

Whether you have suffered a complete loss of your home due to a natural disaster or are concerned about replacing your car after an accident, I can represent your best interests in any insurance coverage dispute.

If you are dealing with a property or health insurance claim, consult a lawyer who has extensive experience with insurance companies and can help protect your rights. Contact the law office of Terence J. Kann in Gainesville, Florida, to schedule a free initial consultation.