Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance policies exist to make life easier, not more difficult. When your loved one took out a life insurance policy, it was to ensure that family members and other loved ones would have access to useful and potentially necessary financial help. They didn’t do it to add an additional burden to your life.

Unfortunately, many life insurance companies make it feel that way when it comes time to collect on a policy. Even small policies may require what seems like a labyrinth of paperwork and bureaucracy, and no one wants the unwelcome news that a claim has been denied. I have worked on behalf of people in Florida navigating insurance bureaucracy for more than 35 years, mastering how to prepare strong claims and aggressively pursue appeals of denied claims. When you and your family are dealing with the loss of a loved one and a frustrating bureaucracy, my firm is here to help.

You Don’t Have To Handle Your Life Insurance Claim Alone

Many people have primary life insurance policies that are purchased through large insurance providers — companies like Metlife, Hartford and Lincoln Financial. People may also have additional, smaller policies, taken out as part of one’s auto insurance or offered through places like universities and other institutions.

Whether you and your family need help filing a claim with one insurer or several, my firm offers step-by-step guidance throughout the process. Some claims process may be complicated, while others almost deceptively simple. In all cases, however, it is essential to carefully prepare a claim to minimize the chance that it is denied. After all, insurance companies lose money when they have to pay on a policy, so they’ll take any excuse they can to avoid paying out.

If you’ve been denied on a life insurance claim, don’t lose hope. I can help you identify and pursue all your options for appealing a negative decision.

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