Hartford Claims

Chances are you haven’t given much thought to your employer’s group long-term disability coverage provided through The Hartford — that is, until now.

Now, you need to know what you’re up against as you begin or resume the process of applying for much-needed benefits to help you and your family financially in the face of a long-term illness or injury. And knowing what to expect from The Hartford — and how to ensure approval of your claim — matters more than ever.

My firm helps people throughout North Florida with filing initial claims and appealing denied claims from The Hartford and the nation’s other largest long-term disability insurance firms. I have been practicing as an attorney for more than 35 years, and have dedicated my practice to helping people in the Sunshine State with long-term disability and personal injury claims. If you’re looking for focused legal help to fight a denied claim or have no idea where to begin in the initial claims process, I want to help you get the benefits you need.

I Understand What’s At Stake In Your Case

The fact of the matter is, long-term disability claims aren’t intended to fully replace your income. Companies like The Hartford don’t try to hide this.

This means that even with benefits, life for you and your family won’t be exactly as it was before your illness or injury. And that means that you can’t afford the possibility that you are denied even one penny of the benefits you need and have earned through your hard work. Having represented countless clients in the claims process with The Hartford and other large disability providers, I know what makes for a successful claim — and how to avoid the mistakes that many people make when they try to handle their claims by themselves.

Don’t become another of the many people denied the disability benefits they deserve. For help with your Hartford disability claim from an experienced lawyer, contact my firm now. Call my Gainesville office at 352-505-4790, toll free 866-544-3069, or send an email. I handle cases from administrative appeals all the way to filing lawsuits in federal court.