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Long-term disability insurance providers like CIGNA like to talk about how they make things easier for people whose injuries or illnesses keep them off the job for months and years. They underscore things like “speedy” claims processing and “seamless” navigation through the process.

If you’re facing the prospect of seeking long-term disability benefits — and especially if you’ve already tried to file a claim only to be denied — your experience may be very different from what they promote. As an attorney who handles long-term disability and personal injury claims in Florida exclusively, I spend every day navigating the bureaucracies of large companies like CIGNA. That means I know what they look for in a successful claim — and more importantly, what they look for in order to be able to easily reject a claim. I know that if you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time, neither you nor your family can afford to go without disability benefits. My firm can help make sure you don’t.

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On the surface, the information you need to file a long-term disability claim might not seem all that daunting: information about you, your employment, and your injury or illness.

Because your entire claim is reduced to a paper file, however, it is especially important that it contain the most complete picture of how your condition has affected your ability to work. Because I represent disability applicants day in, day out, I can make sure that your application is as complete as possible — and therefore increase the likelihood that yours doesn’t become just another rejected claim.

Part of my practice also includes helping people who have tried and failed to navigate CIGNA’s bureaucracy by themselves. If your initial claim was rejected, you may think that your only options are to return to work and deal with the pain or be completely on your own financially. My firm is here to give you another shot at the benefits you and your family need, up to and including filing a federal lawsuit against your insurer.

In addition to my significant experience, my firm also offers one thing you may be missing in the claims process — personalized and compassionate guidance. I personally handle every one of my firm’s claims, meaning that nothing leaves without my careful review.

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